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Safety Guide

Internet Safety Guide for Women

This comprehensive and inclusive safety guide was written for women, by women. This guide was written with the intention of empowering women to navigate the internet without fear. It discusses common occurrences in which women are subject to harassment in their daily lives – on social media, at work, while dating, and more – and give tips and advice on how women can take control.

Legal Services

CLEO (Community legal information ontario/éducation juridique communautaire Ontario)

Offers education and clear information on a variety of legal topics pertaining to women and families in Ontario. An online project of CLEO, Your Legal Rights provides free, practical legal information produced by hundreds of organizations from across Ontario in a multiple languages. CLEO has also produced a variety of publications, such as, Do You Know a Woman Who is Being Abused – A Legal Rights Handbook

Family Information Liaison Unit (FiLU) 

Toll free: 1-844-888-8610

FiLU supports the families of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls by connecting them with Indigenous Elders, Indigenous Knowledge Keepers, Healers as well as mainstream trauma/counselling supports. It facilitates the gathering of case-specific information about police investigations, coroners’ reports, court proceedings, etc. and provides information to families.

Steps to Justice

Steps to Justice is a first-of-its-kind initiative that empowers people in Ontario to understand and take action to deal with their legal problems. It gives comprehensive online information on family violence and partner abuse, as well as other common areas of law such as housing, human rights and employment.

Legal Aid Ontario


Provides free information and advice from a lawyer for those who are low income and often for women who have experienced violence.

Luke's Place

Family law support and guidance on how to stay safer for abused women and their children, including how to present evidence of abuse in family court. Also offers resources and training for service providers on how to support women through the criminal and family court processes.

Independent Legal Advice Pilot Program (MAG)   


The MAG Program can provide up to four hours of free legal advice for sexual assault survivors over 16 in Thunder Bay.

Centre juridique pour femmes de l'Ontario (CJFO)

The Centre juridique pour femmes de l’Ontario (CJFO) offers free legal advice concerning Ontario family law to French-speaking women experiencing domestic violence. Francophone women can contact us if they have legal questions about divorce, separation, child custody and decision-making responsibilities, support payments, division of property, etc.

FREE SERVICES, WITHOUT ANY FINANCIAL ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA, ACROSS ALL OF ONTARIO: Family Law legal information and Legal advice from a lawyer specializing in family law.